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Adding a sale portal for my work

My friend and fellow artist—John Sharp—who lives in Manchester, UK introduced me to a sales site for artists called Art Finder and I finally took the leap by adding my moniker and samples of work to their long list. The whole process of trying to sell work in what has become a commodity market is both challenging and at times depressing. Appeal, price and finding ways of staying above the long lists of posts to make an impact can become daunting and seriously time consuming. One can accrue lots of likes, awesome, etc, but selling a work remains a main focus in applying your work through these vendors.

Lets face it, everyone in the art world wants to make money either through the making or selling of work, but the global market has commodified this precious human endeavour. So many online marketeers are trying to cache in, leaving artists known and not yet known to the whims of clicks and opening their social apps at the right time. One becomes buried in a deluge of info that is as deep as the sea. The minute you post you’re in a river streaming to the ocean.

I’m longer (as of 2018) providing a portfolio on this site.

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