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2016 Procreate art published

I began 2016 in England, visiting my Mother who will turn 91 in October. The fifteen pieces I did from that period are not included in this book but published on ISSUE entitled A month of Procreating in England. The address for all my books is;

This was also the first time in four years of producing work using Procreate, that I was commissioned to provide a specific piece as a retirement gift f

or my libraries Manager, Gayle Woeste.

As the year progressed, my trusted iPad and I photographed many of the images used to create this body of work. I also returned to images captured whilst in Venice in 2013, New York in 2014, China in 2015, England during 2015-16 and of course here at home in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I continue to use my acrylic paintings in conjunction with photography and painting within the app, though they are heavily disguised once they become part of a multi-layered Procreate piece of art.

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