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And these are the pieces that sold…

I thought people might be interested to learn which pieces of Procreate art I sold in a 2-man show with John Sharp (ORIGINS) in the two week exhibition held in the UK this past June 1-14, 2017.

  • Bear Skull, 2013, 91.44cm x 66.04cm

  • Radiated in Steveston, 2014, 27.94cm x 38.1cm

  • Night scare 7, 2015, 35.56cm x 48.26cm

  • Orchid, 2015, 71.12cm x 53.34cm

  • Shanghai passing, 2016, 78.74cm x 30.48cm.

It was an exciting experience to share this exhibition in a grand space that was, in the the early 70’s, John’s and my old art school. This Victorian designed gallery hosted my graduating year work and being able to return for a show that comprised 70 pieces of our combined work was a thrill. We drew in 302 visitors over the 12 day event and generated 22 pages of hand written reviews. I thank BBC Lancashire for interviewing us in the first week of opening that helped in generating interest and visitors. I also thank all our family and friends for their help in promoting, hanging and volunteering to make what the Lancaster Council remarked as the most successful turn out to an exhibition they had experienced over the last two years.

Our facebook page is still up and running for those interested in seeing the time frame from hanging, to the opening night with 50 guests and the final days prior to taking the show down


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