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A month of Procreating in England

For the last four years—since my Father died—I have made it a point to spend Christmas with my Mother who is now 90 and lives independently and alone in a small village called Garstang, in the North West of England.

We travel extensively in the month I spend with her and she enjoys the 1500 miles we cover traveling Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria. It gives me lots of time to reflect on my personal journeys, review the hundreds of photo’s I’ve taken with the iPad, and when we aren’t on the road, create artwork using these images and painting using the Procreate app.

This selection of fourteen pieces where created during this last trip and use images taken from my travels in China during May, 2015, Vancouver throughout the summer and images from England during our extensive outings together, you can review the book here:

I dedicate this book to my youngest son Kim Bateson.

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