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Ian Bateson’s Studio is now live and well…

After 26 years of heading up the Baseline creative team and enjoying a sometimes challenging but always rewarding relationship with long standing clients, the many members of the Baseline team and my good friend and business partner David Lach we decided to finally and officially close the doors, leaving me with a need to reinvent myself as Ian Bateson’s Studio.

This is my first blog presented through my new web site – and like my first blog that celebrated the 25 years of history and work created at Baseline – I hope this new venture will continue to outline my further endeavors in the world of communications, graphic and artistic design.

It’s been a difficult two years, having lost my father in 2012 and spending months in the subsequent years taking care of my Mothers well being, but I still managed to devote time to work and creative pursuits.

Also during this period I have lost some dear friends and colleagues; Robert Buller – who was setting up a new publishing business Reikos International Publishers Inc., and who invited me onboard to be art director and graphic designer. Then Barb Wood the legendary Vancouver illustrator who I worked closely with for decades just to name a couple. A good friend and legendary Vancouver photographer, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward said; “Ian get used to it”. Well I’m not inclined to get use to it, but I hope to continue through this blog to present work and creative endeavors I’m engaged in and occasionally to excite comments and yes criticism from you the reader.

The visual to this first blog presents the identity I designed for Reikos International Publishers Inc. just months before Robert died. Subsequently his life partner Karen Lubin, contacted me in April 2014 to help complete a project started just prior to Robert’s death and in May we where pleased to complete the first Reikos book project, “A Song to Remember, 45th Anniversary Memoirs of the British Columbia Boys Choir”.

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