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Role out of my new identity

Starting a new venture requires a large degree of reflection about the need for a well thought out and effective new identity.

Having grown accustomed to working in an office with others for well over 30 years and the last 2 years of working virtually, I realized that my new identity would require not only a reflection of the graphic design skills offered but also the fine art side of my new venture, hence two front covers for the business card.

Using the current mantra, simple is better, I opted for an elegant word mark, one that could translate across a broad spectrum of applications, speak directly to who I am and what I offer. Ian Bateson’s Studio has been designed to be recognized by the many existing clients still served in the graphic design and art direction industry but also to boldly introduce myself to a broader audience such as the arts community.

Ian Bateson’s Studio, a new look and a new venture that hopes to help you in your future endeavours.

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