I have worked in Vancouver as a book illustrator, artist and active graphic designer for 30 plus years. My personal artwork from 2014 is published on ISSUU.  Added to the ISSUU stack in May 2015 is “2015 China Visit” and a body of work for the year “2015 procreated inspirations”. My latest books “A month of Procreating in England” and  2016 Procreated inspirations can be seen here. My latest 2017 to 2019 work can be viewed here.

Head in the clouds
2018 book of 2018 Artwork
Aquatic 3 Web
2017 IB’s Procreate work
NightScare #1
Garden 2020 #10
Abstract 34, Seaspan-72dpi
Abstract 33, Florence-72dpi
Abstract 18-72dpi
Abstract 9-72dpi
Abstract 175. Kitchen
Abstract 178. Ferry

All materials are © Copyright 2019, ® Registered or ™ Trademarks of our respective clients or Ian Bateson’s Studio.

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Abstract 178. Ferry